Hair Loss Treatment – 10 Cause Hair Loss

Hair Loss Treatment – 10 Cause Hair Loss

Hair Loss Treatment – 10 Cause Hair Loss

It's true that men area unit a lot of possible to lose their hair than ladies, largely thanks to male pattern depilation (more on it later).

But cutting hair and hair loss also are common in ladies, and no less demoralizing. Reasons will vary from the straightforward and temporary—a nutrition deficiency—to a lot of complicated, like Associate in Nursing underlying health condition.

In several cases, there area unit ways in which to treat each male and feminine hair loss. It all depends on the cause. Here area unit some common and not-so-common reasons why you may be seeing less hair on your head.

Physical stress

Any reasonably physical trauma—surgery, an automotive accident, or a severe health problem, even the flu—can cause temporary hair loss. this could trigger a kind of hair loss known as telogen emission. Hair contains a programmed life cycle: a growth part, rest part and shedding part. “When you've got an extremely disagreeable event, it will shock the hair cycle, (pushing) additional hair into the shedding part,” explains brandy Glashofer, MD, a medical specialist in any town. Hair loss usually becomes noticeable three-to-six months once the trauma.

What to do: the great news is that hair can begin growing back as your body recovers.


Pregnancy is one example of the sort of physical stress that may cause hair loss (that and hormones). Pregnancy-related hair loss is seen additional normally when your baby has been delivered instead of really throughout the physiological state. “Giving birth is pretty traumatic,” says Dr. Glashofer.

What to do: If you are doing expertise hair loss, rest assured that your hair can grow back in a very few months. “It’s a traditional issue and it'll work its reply,” Dr. Glashofer says.

Too much vitamin A

Overdoing nutrition A-containing supplements or medications will trigger hair loss, consistent with the yank Academy of medical specialty. The Daily worth for vitamin A is five,000 International Units (IU) per day for adults and youngsters over age 4; supplements will contain two,500 to 10,000 IU.

What to do: this is often a reversible explanation for hair loss and once the surplus vitamin A is halted, hair ought to grow commonly.


Female-pattern hair loss, referred to as steroid hormone or androgenous phalacrosis, is largely the feminine version of male pattern depilation. “If you come back from a family wherever girls began to have hair loss at a definite age, then you would possibly be additional at risk of it,” says Dr. Glashofer. Unlike men, girls do not tend to possess a receding hairline, instead, their half might widen and that they might have the noticeable cutting of hair.

What to do: Like men, girls might take pleasure in Rogaine (Rogaine) to assist grow hair, or a minimum of, maintain the hair you have got, Dr. Glashofer says. minoxidil is out there over-the-counter and is approved for ladies with this sort of hair loss

Emotional stress

Emotional stress is a smaller amount probably to cause hair loss than physical stress, however, it will happen, as an example, within the case of divorce, when the death of love, or whereas caring for associate degree aging parent. More often, though, emotional stress will not truly precipitate the hair loss. it'll exacerbate a drug that is already there, says Dr. Glashofer.

What to do: like hair loss thanks to physical stress, this shedding can eventually abate. whereas it is not acknowledged if reducing stress will facilitate your hair, it cannot hurt either. Take steps to combat stress and anxiety, like obtaining additional exercise, attempting to speak medical aid, or obtaining additional support if you wish it.

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